CORTE CANDELORA In the historical centre of Sternatia, a small village of Grecìa Salentina in Lecce province, you find the Corte Candelora bed and breakfast. Sternatia is situated in the heart of Salento, at about the same distance from adriatic and ionic coast, from here you can cross the salentine peninsula and discover its wide artistic and architecture history while admiring both the amazing countryside and seaside landscapes landscapes; in addition it is the ideal destination for cyclists as it is a flat area. THE BED AND BREAKFAST The Corte Candelora bed and breakfast is a typical casa a corte, a house with a cozy and lighting court in the middle and a marvelous mignano. The mignano is a corridor along the whole house front; in the past it made women to take part passively to the social events as they were not alalowed to go out like in the ancient Greece! The court is the outside space in common and it had / has/ will have to stimulate socialisation to whom will stay in the bed and breakfast. It is also a proper space for specific events of food and wine, handicraft folklore music, in brief of waht tradition and culture is in general. In the Corte Candelora bed and breakfast, authenticity, genuineness, hospitality and taste are mixed and represent the right ingredients for an experience holiday in Salento and in Grecia Salentina in particular. Here you’ll be welcome and involved.